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President al-Assad: Syria’s war on terrorism is a battle of existence
 Daliy Newscast of Syrian Tv .31/07/2014
From the Media
Fox News: Al Qaeda-linked fighters release video purporting to show American suicide bomber
The Local newspaper: Norway faces 'imminent' terror attack
The Fininacial Times: The level of civilian deaths in Gaza is unacceptable
Ignoring imperial past licenses a likely repeat
Obama\'s Middle East dilemma
Palestinian affairs are not Israel's concern
Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources inspects al-Shaer gas field
Production gradually resumed at Aleppo Industrial City as further rehabilitation efforts urged
AFE: Damascus Securities Exchange first in performance among Arab exchanges in Q2 2014
The Doha Council has lost its -sole- status!
Islamist rebels for France: Terrorists in Mali, friends in Syria!
Main stream media keep playing the same tone about the Russian change
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The monastery of Mar-Taqla, St. Taqla in Maloula
Exhibition of heritage and ruins in Sweida
Complementary parts of previously discovered mosaic unearthed in Sweida
July 15, Dutch painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn was born in Leiden