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President al-Assad to Swiss SRF 1 TV channel: Fighting terrorists is the way to protect civilians in Aleppo
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Enlarge font size Reduce font size Yurt: Al Qaeda Mambers Manufacuring Poison Gas Near Gaziantep for Use Against Syrians

Turkish newspaper Yurt said that members of Al Qaeda are manufacturing chemical weapons in a lab near the town of Gaziantep in Turkey and are threatening to use it against Syrian civilians.

In an article published on Friday, the newspaper said that Al Qaeda is manufacturing poison gas in this lab as shown in videos published online showing the process of manufacturing this gas using chemicals procured from a Turkish company, in addition to showing the members of Al Qaeda celebrating their success in making the gas and threatening to use it against Syrian civilians.

The article added that the videos show a sign on the wall of the lab saying "Al Qaeda's Battalion for Manufacturing Chemical Gas" in Arabic and English.

The newspaper wondered how Al Qaeda members came to acquire chemicals used to make poison gas from a Turkish company, noting that its reporter met an official from the aforementioned company who said that the company sells ethanol and that he doesn't know how Al Qaeda acquired the chemicals and that they're investigating this issue.